Electrician's Tips: 5 Ways to Identify Efficient Lighting for a Salon's Workstation

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A salon's workstation requires specific lighting to allow the hairdresser to maintain precision when handling a client and to make the space inviting. The lighting you choose creates the mood, sets the brightness and determines the aesthetic value of the space. If you are running a salon, here are three elements that your lighting requires. 

Exceptional Illumination Level

The level of illumination defines the amount of light that is dispersed in a workspace. A salon's workstation requires a light source with a high illumination level to allow the hairdresser to see when working on the client's hair. It should also be high enough to allow the client to clearly see themselves. 

When a workspace is dark, your eyes have to strain to get work done in that obscure environment. This strain causes discomfort and can cause eye problems. Consequently, you need to have a high level of illumination in a salon to ensure that the hairstylist and clients are comfortable. It is always recommendable for retail spaces to maintain an illumination level that is at least 500 lux

Colouring Index 

A salon requires a light source with a high colour rendering index. This index quantifies the rate at which a light source is able to accurately reveal the colours of the objects in a room. Light sources that have a high colour rendering index are ideal for environments where colour is a determinant of the quality of the job being executed, like when choosing the right dye for a client's hair.

When picking a light source for a salon, choose one that reveals colours in the same way as they would appear in daylight. The CRI should be at least 90. However, the index required may be higher or lower depending on the structure of the room. As such, you should consult with an electrician who will inspect the salon and ensure that they choose a light source that will create an ideal colouring index.

Colour Temperature 

The lighting system can diffuse a warm or cold light beam. The type of light beam diffused affects the ambience of a room. When installing the lighting in a salon, you should make sure that it is stimulating. As such, the lights need to be bright and vivid. This creates a warm environment for the clients and also highlights the stylist's work. To pick the light source that will create the right colour temperature, you will need to work with a competent electrician.

 The lighting of a salon affects the performance of the hairdresser and creates the mood of the room. There are a lot of lighting solutions, and you need the help of a competent electrician to choose and install the best one.