3 Tips When Choosing Your Commercial Lighting

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The right lighting can make a big difference in the look and feel of your commercial space. From creating the perfect ambiance to increasing productivity, there are many reasons to consider upgrading your lighting. Here are three tips for choosing your commercial lighting:

1. Consider Your Unique Business And Employees When Selecting Commercial Lighting

If you're opening a retail store or restaurant, you'll need different types of lights than if you're running an office building or industrial facility. For instance, if your business is open around the clock, you'll want to pay special attention to safety and security issues when selecting your lights. You may also want to ensure that your lighting fixtures meet codes for fire safety and emergency exits.

Make sure that the bulbs used in your office aren't going to be harmful to your workers. Some bulbs can cause eye irritation, headaches or dizziness if they're exposed for too long or are used at close range.

2. Determine Your Commercial Lighting Goals

Before you begin shopping for new lights, it's important to determine exactly what you want to achieve with them. Are there certain areas of your commercial space that need more light? Do you need supplemental light sources for certain periods of the day? Is there a particular style or feel that you're trying to create? Once you've answered these questions, it will be easier for you to find the right solution. Don't forget to consider the type of light fixtures you will need. Are they going to be task lighting, accent lighting or general office lighting?

3. Consider How To Incorporate Natural Light When Installing Commercial Lighting

In addition to being a great way to save energy, natural light makes offices feel brighter and more welcoming. If you don't have enough windows or skylights in the space, consider ways to add more natural light with mirrors; these will reflect light from the outside into your office. For areas that need to be lit with electrical lights, choose products that are energy-efficient and save you money on your monthly energy bill. If possible, consider halogen lights over incandescent bulbs or LEDs; these burn at a higher temperature than the other options and produce more light with less energy waste.

When choosing your commercial lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your lights are energy efficient and functional. Chat with a commercial lighting expert to find out which products are right for your business.