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If you're planning to renovate your bedroom to furnish it with new and contemporary fixtures, then lighting is an important consideration because this sometimes-overlooked element can transform the look of your entire space. Most modern bedrooms are multi-functional spaces, so you'll want your new lighting to reflect the way you use the room. This guide is designed to help you work with your electrician to plan your bedroom lighting during renovations.

Add Bedside Lighting

Bedside lighting is an important consideration because it allows to your perform multiple actions like reading, writing and typing in the comfort of your bed. You can choose between wall-mounted bedside lights or table lamps for adding aesthetic and functional value to the bedroom. You can also choose sconces and pendant lights to create a look of minimalistic elegance while contributing to its core light functionality. Your electrician may need to install new electrical points for your planned bedside lighting if they don't exist.

Incorporate A Ceiling Light

A ceiling light is a great addition to a bedroom because it fills the entire room with light while casting a soft glow over the space. You'll ideally want your bedroom ceiling light to have a dimmer, so that you can adjust it to different levels when needed. For example, you may want dim lights on as you lie in bed but don't want complete darkness. You may also want dim lights as you watch television in your bedroom. Overhead ceiling lights will also light up the entire room brightly when you desire, giving you the freedom to choose the level of light you need in your bedroom. You electrician will need to install the ceiling light after making sure that the electrical connection works efficiently.

Create Task Lights For Specific Areas

Since you probably want to use the bedroom for a host of different activities, you may want to consider adding task lighting to specific areas. For example, you can create a special corner space for reading, exercising and working by adding multiple lights to illuminate the space. If you have a dressing table to get ready, you may want to light up this space to allow you to perform your task of getting ready more easily. If you have a working desk in your bedroom, you may want to add lights in this area to help you use it during night sessions. Consider bringing your electrician and home renovation contractors together to discuss how lighting can be installed in certain spaces during the bedroom makeover.

Consider these factors when working with your electrician to plan your bedroom lighting during a renovation.