What are the pros and cons of window air conditioners?

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When it comes to air conditioners, you have a few different options, including window air conditioners. While there are many benefits to choosing this type of A/C unit, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. Here are some pros and cons of window air conditioners.

Pro: They are budget-friendly

If you need to have cooling in your home but can't afford central air or other air conditioning units, a window air conditioner is a great option. The unit itself is cheaper, as well as the installation. You most likely don't need to pay someone to install it for you, which saves you a good amount of money on labor work. It also uses less energy to operate, so you save money on monthly costs as well.

Con: You can't use the window

A window A/C unit is placed in one of your windows, taking up at least half the window. You need to keep that window open without a screen. This keeps you from being able to use the window when the unit is inside. While the window unit can be removed, it is inconvenient to do so. You should choose a window that you don't mind leaving open with the unit inside. To keep bugs out, have blinds installed on that window so you can close them halfway, sitting on top of where the unit is.

Pro: You get efficient cooling

With the window air conditioner, you get even, quality air in the rooms it is close to. While it won't cool every room in your home, if you set it on high, it does provide excellent air in the room it is in, as well as some of the rooms nearby. A good room to keep it in is a family room or living room that is nearby other rooms, such as a kitchen or dining room. This allows the air to travel throughout these rooms as long as the windows are kept closed.

Con: The units can be bulky

Whereas central air conditioning units only have a thermostat on the wall inside the home, window units are obvious and take up almost an entire window. You might not like the look of the unit, though there isn't much that can be done. When it isn't being used, you can cover the window unit with a curtain panel. However, it needs to be open when the unit is turned on.

Pro: The cool air is immediate

Similar to a fan, window air conditioners provide cool air almost immediately. While the newer ones are automatic and can turn on whenever the thermostat reaches the programmed temperature, many people use them manually. When the room gets too warm, turn on the unit, and you will start feeling cool air coming out of the unit right away. This can provide quick cooling when you need it most.

For more information about your home air conditioning options, contact a local professional.