Here Comes the Sun: Five Signs You Are Ready to Switch to Solar Power for Your Home

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Thinking about solar power and not sure if it's right for you or not? Solar panel installation works in a range of situations, but it is not right for everybody. Here are five signs that the time is right for you to switch to solar power:

1. You want to save on your energy bills

If you are tired of paying high energy bills, that's a definite sign it is time to switch to solar. You pay money up front buying the panels and having them installed, but after that initial investment, you can look forward to virtually no electricity bills at all.

In some cases, if your solar panels produce more power than you need, you can even sell the power back to the community.

2. Your roof is in good condition

When you put solar panels on the roof, you are adding extra weight up there. In order to handle it, your roof needs to be strong and in good repair. If your roof has holes, weak spots or is super old, you should think about replacing it before you explore going solar.

If it's in great condition, you may be a perfect candidate for solar power, depending on which direction your roof faces.

3. Your roof faces north, east or west

For the most effective collection of sunlight, you want the majority of your roof to face north. Solar panels installed on a north facing roof collect more power than panels roofs facing any other direction.

East and west-facing roofs can also work, but south-facing roofs can be an inefficient place to add solar panels.

4. Your roof is not shaded

A shaded roof can help to lower your bills for artificial cooling, meaning that shade is energy efficient. However, when it comes to adding solar panels, you no longer want a roof that is shaded.

If you have excess shade, consider pruning your trees to get your house in the sunshine or taking down the trees that are in the way.

5. You have ample room for solar panels

If your roof is in good condition, faces the right direction and is not over-shaded, you just need to make sure you have an ample amount of space for the panels. The amount of space you need depends upon your power usage and a solar panel installer can help you determine what you need.

If you don't have enough space on your roof, you may be able to install the solar collectors somewhere else on your property. Contact a company such as A.J. Palmer Electrical to learn more.