Common Services You Can Get From An Auto Electrical Contractor

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If the electrical system in your vehicle has broken down for the first time, you will have to contract with an auto electrical contractor to repair your vehicle. But as you've never hired this professional before, you may not have any idea of the full range of services this contractor can offer you. So to help you out, here are the common services you can get from an electrical contractor.

Battery Services -- When the vehicle in your car shorts out or isn't taking a charge, an auto electrical contractor can diagnose the battery to determine whether it needs a recharge, or if a new battery is the only solution. In some instances, your battery terminals are corroded and just need cleaning to restore their ability to charge. Most people understand that a battery helps your car engine turn over when you key the ignition. But few people know that the battery also powers your headlights, your radio and your dashboard lights.

Starter Services -- The starter in your vehicle is the motor that ensures your engine will turn over at the speed required for you to begin driving. It feeds off the battery, because it needs a strong enough current to operate. Unlike the battery, which is always working, a starter shuts off as soon as the engine turns over. If your battery is fully operational but your starter is faulty, you will not be able to start your engine. In some cases, your starter will still turn over the engine, but it will take a long time to do the job. If you need a new starter, auto electrical contractors can rebuild your old one at a fraction of the cost of you buying a new one. They can also diagnose problems that don't require a full replacement, such as a disabled solenoid, which is responsible for charging the starter motor.

Power Windows -- Power windows are a convenience found on nearly all modern vehicles. But they are also controlled by vehicle electronics, which is why when your windows stop working or only go down halfway, an auto electrical contractor is equipped to handle the problem. The most common problem with power windows is a blown fuse or a loose connector in the motor that controls the power window. In some cases the switch inside the power window motor is bad and needs replacing. Electrical contractors may also find that the window motor has overheated, but in all these cases, the contractor has to remove the door frames and analyse the motor.