Repair Jobs Around the House That Are Best Left to an Electrical Contractor

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Not every job around your house may need the services of an electrical contractor, as you may be able to install a simple ceiling fan or plug in a new electric stove on your own without much concern. However, there are some repair jobs that are best left to a professional, to ensure your safety and to ensure the job is done right.

Don't assume that some helpful videos you find online and a few household tools are all that's needed to tackle every electrical job, but note when it's best to call a contractor and leave the work to them:

1. When installing new plugs or light switches

Running the wiring needed for a new plug or light switch needs to be done according to building codes, and while it may seem like a simple job, it should be done safely so as to avoid the risk of electrical fires. Today's plugs often have a secondary ground fault interrupter that acts like a second circuit breaker, and these are used where the plug may be exposed to water such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Wiring for lighting needs to support the demands put upon it; a ceiling fan, large overhead light, and other such fixture may require updated wiring than what you have in your home currently. Failing to understand these steps and installing the wrong wiring and plugs can increase the risk of shorts and electrical fires.

2. When wiring is behind a wall that will need cutting

An electrician is trained to understand the wiring of your home but also understands about how load-bearing walls work to support the weight of your home, and how to cut through walls without causing major damage. If you try to replace wiring behind walls and decide to cut into a stud, you may be compromising the strength of a load-bearing wall. You may also cut large holes in drywall that are not necessary. Calling an electrical contractor can mean having the job done quickly and cleanly.

3. If the repair job involves a water or gas line

For hot water heaters, dishwashers, gas stoves, and refrigerators, you want to leave their repair to a professional contractor. An electrician will know how to repair not just the wiring of the appliance but also how to address gas lines and water lines, to ensure they're properly connected. Without the right expertise, you may find that you have a gas leak or water leak, or that the water comes into contact with the wiring of an appliance. This can be very dangerous, so even simple repairs to these appliances should be left to a professional.

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