What Situations Call for an Emergency Electrician?

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Many electrical repairs in the home can be put off until it's convenient for you to have them checked; if you need to rewire a circuit that keeps switching off or are experiencing brownouts and slowdowns of power, these problems are not usually true emergencies. However, some situations in a home might require the services of an electrician as soon as possible, for your own safety and to ensure that your home is not at risk for an electrical fire. Note a few of those situations here.

1. Exposed or bare wires

If you notice bare or exposed wires in your home, this is a danger to yourself and others, to your pets, and your home. Those bare wires can allow electricity to come into contact with building materials so that they get singed and, in turn, your home is at risk for an electrical fire. They can also cause electrocution when touched. It's a mistake to think that if you've switched off the circuit breakers then the wires are not a hazard, since you may have switched off the wrong breaker and the wire might still be carrying electricity. When you notice bare wires in your home, call an electrician right away to have them replaced or capped off.

2. Wires in contact with water

Water conducts electricity, and when it comes into contact with wires in the home, this can be very dangerous. Touching an item that is in the water can also be very dangerous, as the water can bring electricity to metal objects in the water and then they too become charged. If a piece of furniture has any type of metal in it, even a zipper on a couch cushion, this can make it dangerous for you to touch if it's in the water that is in contact with exposed wires. If your home has been flooded and the flood has reached any type of wiring, call an emergency electrician before going near the water.

3. Smoking sockets

Sometimes a socket will spark when you pull out a cord as the circuit of electricity is interrupted, but if a socket is smoking, this should be checked by an emergency electrician. Usually this means that there is singeing of the building materials behind the walls already, and in turn, your home is at risk of an electrical fire. Whenever you see smoke coming out from a socket, you don't want to wait, but call an emergency electrician as quickly as possible.  

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